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Author bigbird
Tags author:bigbird circuit magnet n-reality nreality rated trigger
Created 2010-01-16
Last Modified 2010-01-16
by 5 people.
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Description ***N-REALITY***
(not needed unless you want extra gold)

Explore the circuitry and find the switch for the electromagnet!

*helpful hint*
don't hold any buttons when you hit the teleporter and you should be good
(i hope)

Sorry if it lags or something

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of course, the first thing everyone does is jump into the jump pad.


comin soon, mate ;D
as is this map, and tiles!!!
It felt like a true 'traning' map.
5aved :D

Tiles were awesome! ;D

Cool idea

But you could have made a bit more out of it than just some extra gold.


there was a lot of lag on the laser after the gold appeared. Interesting
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AGD i think
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