Miasmic Part I: Brainwave

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset brainwave i-am-ownaging-you miasmic playable unrated
Created 2010-01-21
Last Modified 2010-01-21
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Description First installment in my Miasmic series. It's a very large project i'm up to my knees up. Been working on it since I got back to Numa. I've been making detailed plans since then.

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decent almost through all your maps and I love them all
but didn't record the demo, figures. The one thing about this map that gets me is that it is really lengthy and feels a little too cramped. In my opinion either a few of the mines or a couple of drones needed to go to make it more fun. I liked the tiles and the level set-up but there could be less back-and-forth in the map to shorten it up. Would be a 3.5 if I could rate, but I can't.
I'm working on a AGD, or completion at least. I'm going to admit that the death on this demo is really annoying and happened to me twice, but I won't mark you down for it.
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