Mysteries of the Marsh

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Author miststalker06
Tags adventure agd author:miststalker06 fun hard rated
Created 2010-01-23
Last Modified 2010-01-23
by 6 people.
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Description As you wander into the marsh with care, you notice little lights in the dark. Lights glowing. Closer, closer... IT'S A ROCKET! :O

An adventure, of course. It's very hard. DED to the first one to get an AGD. :)

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this is hard man

I like the game-play especially the rocket and bottom drone. I don't really like the gold (when it touches corners like that. I may come back to this later thanks for the link. I've come up with a plan for just tiles 2 by the way and started work on it :).
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Demo Data

Faster, but

AGD. :)
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I could sit here and look at this for hours.
However I could not sit here and play this for hours.

Yeah... Not a fan of the gameplay D:
still 4, because /dayum/ it looks nice
the first bit was hard enough let alone the rest of the map! great stuff. 4
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very enjoyable
really like it


I am extremely pleased with the results of this! :)
Oh, and it's meant to be very hard ;)


Get all switches, and how to fail at the end. :D .___.
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