110-1: Inverted procreation

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags action author:cucumber_boy inverted kk playable procreation rated
Created 2010-01-25
Last Modified 2010-01-25
by 12 people.
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Description Have you tried it? It's fun.

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But I just couldn't. :(
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Hey dude

30 more maps till 1000.

Nah, man.

34 is where it's at. or ln(2π)

You ever try the 69? It's an upside-down 69.

Faster AGD.

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a 4 is the max for this map IMO. 4/5
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Fastest AGD.

also on NReality.
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Perfect and pretty.
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Great minimalism and aesthetics, but it wasn't anything special imo. 3.5^
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nice exit/exit switch placement
boring placement; agd
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kinda speedy

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Forgot to mention: tilesets like these are the best. 4aved.

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Really good. Floorguards placed perfectly.

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i see triangles

lots of triangles

this map

is fun
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