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Author bobaganuesh_2
Tags action administrong author:bobaganuesh_2 race-ish rated
Created 2010-02-13
Last Modified 2011-04-28
by 14 people.
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Description a map concocted by the likes of apse, kkstrong, DemonzLunchBreak, Avarin (aka Nexx) Tunco, and bobaganuesh_2 for the forum contest Administrong. kk is a bitch cuz he didn't like the third switch and forced me to remove it by licking my bum.

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yes, the third switch was above the thwumps. SexGodKev disliked it "with every fiber in his being", however, if I recall correctly.

This map is sex.

First try.

Well done, this should win.
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Was the third switch in the gap above of the thwumps? That could have worked quite nicely...


you've done a nice job.


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like it.


they weren't. here are the original pieces the group was assigned to put together: []

well this is

the best of the three I have seen so far. really smooth, not too hard. you were lucky that the map pieces were all similar.

faster AGD, Nexx.
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Nice job, boba. :)

The bottom-middle is perhaps too changed, but overall I think you did quite a good job of turning it into not just a playable map, but a pretty slick one at that.
For the map itself, on its own merits, I give 7/10 (4/5).
Fastest AGD: (at least for the next few hours)
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unconventional route
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