Cut Short

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Author Diamondeye
Tags author:diamondeye dedication highscoring rated theknife
Created 2010-02-17
Last Modified 2010-02-17
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description Ded to Crescor.

Inspired by his favourite band :)

((AGD isn't intended to be practical but feel free to try))

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dont no if it

was sniped or not but I gave it 5. may i ask what country your from?

Oh, I didn't

multiaccount or something.

Sorry man, I know that it feels crap to have things going like this.

Welcome to my world

Check out my last few maps, you'll see what I mean
Seems to have been the victim of someone's multi-accing spree. I'm sure crescor isn't the type of person to do that, though.

Anyway, I'm sad so many people decided to rate it down for that reason and I hope people actually enjoyed the map instead of merely being annoyed with it staying up like that...
...nice but damn...NR based on the fact that it has 24:6 ratio...rates:comments.

18 rates

all 5*
a multiaccounter!


19 rates? and only 2 REAL comments

i /didnt/ like it.


i think /someone/ multiaccounted...
I honestly don't know what the ---- has happened here... 15 rates and 1 comment? :O



Awesome man:)

I really dig this