A Country That Makes Us

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Author Izzy
Tags action author:izzy bloc-party featured rated
Created 2010-02-27
Last Modified 2010-02-27
by 31 people.
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Description Dead, dead, dead, dead.

This map was featured on 2010-03-22

Izzy has been in the community for three years now, and is renowned as one of the best active highscorers. Yet something has passed by everyone...

The fact that this kid has style. Bags of it. In fact, he probably has spare style in his cellar, just in case some gets stolen by someone.

Dodge the drones, ride the thwumps and marvel at the beautiful tilescape. This is Izzy's country. — ChrisE

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First Try AGD

I really enjoyed that launchpad-bounceblock area, worked great with the drones.
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wish i could play it now


This is really great
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where the tiles look good...and the gameplay is always great. 5aved.

this is cool, congrats on feature :]
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but I made an awesome jump over a drone.

Great map, and a sweet review
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its ... cool! 5/5
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Very nice review.

It took me a while to get the flavor of the map, but once I found ways to get around smoothly, I liked it. 4'd.
but I think that if your were looking for an example of this style, there are better examples.

I must agree

This is a great review for a great map. Congrats Izzy!


never disappoints, great map/review


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Don't get too comfortable; you think you invent a new word and then BAM! - you find it on urbandictionary. ;____;

nice review/map.

*by the way, just did a quick search on urbandictionary - it hasn't been created yet. :)


I think I invented it.

Tilescape is a good word.
I just like reviewing, so I'm glad you like my reviews :)

And RF, I love this style. It is Izzy.


great review as well

Very, very nice

both at the review and the map. faved.
ChrisE is good at this.

/had/ a decent run here, incredible map, faved

I like it a lot, good izzy stuff.

also, nice review, chris. :)

We can't stop here!

This is Izzy's country. <--- Damn.

At any rate, as far as this map goes - YES.

I think I played this and thought it was awkward but pretty.


when i play an izzy map, i usually feel like i'm playing someone elses

i like the review!

And this map.

wasn't i saying

just the other day, Izzy needs a feature :D


Will play later definitely.




Great map, 4aved.
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I like a lot, refreshing.

Happy Cool Day Izzy!

this map is

awesome. i love your style. i love u. period.

This is fantastic.

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i love you!

And this map.

I love

you and your maps!!!