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I'll just kill all your speed demos.
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Demo Data


Can anybody here try my action maps and DDA's
..but I beat Templex's time AND THAT'S ALL I CARE ABOUT!
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a bit late here (11:30 P.M.)
So... this took me 5 minutes.
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Not 5 because it could (but would be really hard to) run better. But, either way, good, no, GREAT level.

It's hilarious.

No one has beaten my far-from-perfect demo yet.


but only for a short time
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Its a great Map (5,0)

...but its (i think so) a little, a little bit too hard,i have need 6-8 trys to challeng it (4,0)
but its normal and Ok (4,5)


i loved it


This is just about the most fun race map I have ever played! 5/5!!!! I LOVE YOU!
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that was a fun map, but i messed up so i started over. lol
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well, it's cool at the beginning!
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maybe a sequel?

i think multiple routes would _very_ cool too.
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I can't believe you figured out the super secret way! You must be an incredible player!

In all seriousness, though, this is not meant to be hard, and it's meant to be played like a race map. You can complete it that way, but where's the fun in that? Use your head, man.

By the way, your demo doesn't even work.

eh... 2

i dont understand why this map had such a great rating. i would have upped mine to a 3.5 or 4 if there were mines on the walls cause u can just wall jump to near the top. just watch this demo
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I did it in like the 2nd try =\
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Quick demo

Nice map. As you can see, my moves are less than perfect.
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Didn't Love It
Didn't Hate It
Didn't Fave It
Didn't Save It
Didn't Kill It
Didn't Bill It
Didn't Live It
But I Fived It


^Above qoute by tktktk

See, I agree entirely.

However, I can not think of any specific faults this map has that it should have fixed to have a higer score.

Except... perhaps, multiple routes would be a very, VERY nice touch...

In fact, I might make a map like that...


What I meant to say was, this is a 5/5 from me because I can't think of any reasons why it should be less.


i mean 5/5


Not worth a 4/5
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This is a good map I guess, but no way is it worth five ninjas. You've gotta be kidding.

Perfect Score

5 ninja's from 22 people
You, sir, are my hero. I had the same idea in one of my past maps, but you implemented it 99.9998% betterful. (the reason it isn't 100% is because that would mean I didn't implement it at all.)
4.5/5, by the way

Another speed

With the same frame count.
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Using shortcut.
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Especially when you go for no gold

super cool

heres my first real shot.
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Speed demo

All-gold. Oh yeah, and frame-by-frame.

Here's my speed all-gold.
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but it was tough to land the big fall without fbf.
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I stuffed at one point
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I really like the level design, and it flows really well. When I first looked at it, I thought it looked a like it wouldn't work. But it works great, and has a good level of difficulty to do perfectly.



excellent idea

Allthough you should have called it 'the bare essentials'.

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nice level, easily a 5/5

5/5 and faved

Very nice indeed :D


A fresh idea! Finally!
4 ninjas and faved.


This was a great map. I almost got an all gold run, but then I died. Ah well. Good job.