Turning the Hourglass

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Author ManBearPig
Tags author:manbearpig drones experimental featured hard puzzle rated
Created 2010-04-13
Last Modified 2010-04-13
by 13 people.
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Description I thought it was pretty clever...

This map was featured on 2013-01-30

Fuck the mainstream!

Here is a map, which you can't play long, but which inspires you and makes you smile. Yes, you can go on complaining about how lame it is, but in your backhead you'll always be jalous you didn't have the idea first.

Also :P

review by brainstone [] — zoasBE

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Obviously agreed with Kaiora, pretty sure I've already said something of that nature. And, at the risk of this comment getting deleted, I'm not going to play the map since it looks like some unpolished gimmick I wouldn't have fun with. Sorry for being so negative :(


Direct all complaints and suggestions about the featured maps system here [], where they will be read and discussed instead of deleted! Potential overhaul of the system. We may also regress to the status quo. Time will tell.
And if you want I can apologize, seriously just wanted to give some life to the Creature Feature, but yes, I think I'm going to limit myself to review really great maps from my opinion and point of view, and I'll try to get IRC for a correct proofread. Silly zoas.

Please cut out the discussion of review quality. Not the place. The fact is that most of you complaining about review quality were reviewers at one point but stopped reviewing maps. If you have constructive suggestions -- thought-out suggestions -- leave a comment on I or gloomp's maps somewhere. (For example, mintnut, I'd be happy to discuss leaving reviews up for 48+ hours -- elsewhere.)

runningninja: send sample reviews to me via NUMA or the forums.

Thanks all.
since I'm not sure if I understand the point you're making, or if you understood mine. I'm not saying we should stop featuring altogether, I just think that given the small number of active users trying to get a new featured map every day is a bit of a folly.

Also, there ARE lots and lots of great maps in the archive, so why are we featuring shallow, under-developed maps like this one? I don't care if the review is well written, in english with perfect grammar, but I do care about showcasing GREAT maps.
but always zoas' reviews get many comments, demos, thoughts, controversy, discussion, reunion of old known faces and other interesting things. I think after all it is not so bad..
Oh sorry, this is not a zoas' review..

One frame faster that miststalker, hmmm, I'd love to be able to do this in real time.
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Some philosophy:

Numa needs a major reformation. soon. If you compare the mapmaking stats of the previous few years, 2011 and 2012 have dipped down so drastically it is not even funny. Honestly there are only like 50 maps a day, at most. I agree with everyone below. Nice review, but those people are correct. Somehow numa needs a large spike again, like it did in 2004 and 2008. Hopefully this will happen when 2.0 is released. But still, this needs to be advertised more.

ps. I didnt proofread this at all ;)

I'm so 'jalous' I won't even make a comment.

Deal with it.

oh mintnut,

I don't really know what to say exactly, I only can speak about myself.
I still map because I really have fun doing it and I have still lot of passion to the N game and all around it. I also like featuring maps because I think NUMA is still plenty of feature worthy maps semi-hidden in many authors' archives. Everybody knows that PALEMOON / lord_day / Yahoozy / Pheidi / ... are great authors, because in fact they really are, but I think here are still too many awesome maps from semi-forgotten users like Kabblizy, amcoline, remote, ... and many, many others, so I want to have an opportunity to feature them.

but in your backhead is not accurate I guess and you wrote jealous wrong


Wow. Wrote this a long time ago. I forgot about it. Never thought anyone would choose it, seriously.

I can't decide whether I approve or disapprove. But could somebody tell me, where exactly the mistakes are?

Review quality

has fallen dramatically, as have the choice of features.

But, hey, that's just like my opinion man!


It's okay

Have to agree with l_d that this is a decent idea with shallow execution.


Drama keeps this place alive.
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I don't get it, was that sarcasm?

It's just that the features system worked when we had lots of users, but these days anyone who's making maps day-to-day is a reviewer because otherwise we wouldn't be able to fill the days.

Which leads us to the question of, why bother featuring at all?
I hold the same opinion as the countless others who have spoken; now I shall return to my life outside the computer where I can exist outside this issue quite easily


mintnut has spoken.
Where do I audition?


Review quality has been sliding for some time l_d, but we need reviewers, and larger scale we need users. We're currently in the bizarre position whereby more or less every active user on the site is a reviewer.

Perhaps we should change to a biweekly or even weekly system, less quantity more quality?

I dunno?


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can i nominate this review for something

oh my lord

is this numa now

*a decent idea

Oh god the hypocritical shame ;_;

Also this map,

is a bad execution of an decent idea.
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How am I trolling now?

Someone certainly should control the unwelcome trolls.


picked from Creature Feature.
An attempt to give opportunity to the reviews that are there. And of course, I consider it is worthy of Feature.


dont know what to say... well it certainly isn't mainstream!


Couldn't figure it out at first but found out after a demo :P.
Could've probably been extended somehow, but still a great concept. 4.5/5^.
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I mean thats what you are supposed to do but the
also :P
is not fitting... then again it fits very good..
wtf Im talking
in fact its not saturday nor the 8th or 15th
worked it out myself =D
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Fail :p Completion.
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Demo please?

It is clever, but I don't think you can do it.