I Call Down Fire

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Author Kaylab
Tags author:kaylab nreality rated
Created 2010-04-22
Last Modified 2010-04-22
by 10 people.
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Description use n-reality

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Haha okay :P Yes I am a guy. Still haven't beaten 845 though.


BTW, this is an AGD.
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BTW, sorry about the spam :D
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991 :D

Finally beat 1000 :P
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Nice map

Very fun, nice physics. Just missed out on 1000 frames because I screwed up at the end >_<

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I played this one before. cool idea


cool stuff
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cool stuff
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i put up the collabbbb

All gold.

Feels a little cool flying around as if you're in outer space. Although... I don't feel like this map is that awesome yet. 4/5 :3
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The mod is cool

But it was a bit annoying sometimes, having to wait ages for the ninja to come back down to ground.


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first try

AGD i like the mod but i think it would have been more fun without it. solid 3 from me.
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Fun level, and interesting physics that were easy to understand and didn't ruin the gameplay.
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