Mawashi Geri

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Author amconline
Tags action author:amconline fun image-map nreality playable rated
Created 2010-04-26
Last Modified 2010-04-26
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description I playtested long time, I'm pretty happy with the gameplay.
Try it ! There are some tricks and the flow is cool.

And it's an image map.
Here's a shot :

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Full AGD.

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Demo Data

Sooo nice and new idea, totally in your style, it'es just fantasdtic 5/5


hot maps page in the background.


as in a japanese sumo suit?


got 280 but there is no need to post it now. DX

Pretty cool

I like the nice simple image, and the gameplay was fun.


by two frames ;)

I'm lucky meta and karma haven't tried yet.
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better method combined with amlt's ending
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Demo Data

I love your maps

because you don't tack a gaudy image onto an awful map. Your image maps look good and play well. Well done.
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I really love the NUMA-based background.

All gold. :3

Demo Data

I give up

For now. :(
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nice image.

welcome back, AMC! :)

done on purpose.

I dreamed about inaccessible 280 all night.
Welcome in my nightmare.

It's like torture. Why can't I get 280? WHY?!
Damn you, amconline. Damn you.


I felt that the background was a wee bit distracting... Other than that, a fine map indeed. :3 4/5

It's a nice map.

But it doesn't feel entirely cohesive, every part works, but it's lacking the gel that makes it seem like a fluid design.

Also, the foreground image looks very much like a base coat, some kind of primer. A little detail here and there to match the detail in the background would really help add some atmosphere.

Over all it's nice, the door set up looks great.

Images done right.

Faved for reference.
Agree with Radium. Good map. 4/5

thanks ! ^^

here's my AGD. :)
Demo Data

Agreed with RF

AMC is back! WOO!


definitely a well constructed map. it was smooth. nreality looked good too :)


i like the gold collecting on the left. nice work, amco.


btw if you have time i would love it if you could check out my most recent map ;D
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