03-1 Rotary Magnetic Field

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Author squibbles
Tags author:squibbles biosquib featured rated
Created 2010-05-04
Last Modified 2010-05-04
by 32 people.
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Description We spent way too long on this one. Like, seriously, over a month. Oh well. :/

This map was featured on 2010-12-17

Fuckin' magnets, how do they work?

I'll tell you know they work. When a magnet is placed in the epicentre of a minefield laden with precarious gold, it will form a magnificent pattern around the magnet that resembles a curvature from the gold and mines attracting to the opposite pole. Thus a magnetic field is formed… Which can't be good for the ninja's knives… Or Insane Clown Posse’s reputation for knowledgeable lyrics.

Overall; this map indeed is a miracle, however ironically canny that may sound. But I don’t care I just did it. I went there.

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Very distinctive and interesting look. Gameplay consisted of more stumbling around than I would've liked, but it was interesting too.

Whoa, shit yeah.

I'm apparently amazing at collabing, seeing as the two maps that have been featured of mine are collabs.

Thanks superstardomX_!
not a justification.


that doesn't make it look good though?
it's intended to be a ruined space-temple (those are asteroids, yes) with some kind of mystical super-magnet in it's core, dragging everything to it's center by their protons and electrons. IT'S THAT POWERFUL.

And yeah, gameplay was meant to reflect this. Drop a ball-bearing in a bowl with a magnet in the centre. Watch how it moves. Then play the map and take note of the areas that the ninja progresses through.


Not only a cool map, but theres an ICP reference in the featured comment

cant help but agree with palemoon, the mines and tiles dont go well together at all, aesthetically speaking :/

First try.

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I didn't like that part. Otherwise, very artistic.
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Good map. 4.5^

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aha, seriously, wtf

I opened NUMA and my first thought was "...waiiiiit".
The moral of the story is that taking a month on a map yeilds amazing results. And also Bio does mean z-snapping.

oh, fucking, yes

Thanks man. I bet Bio's going to be stoked. I guess in his current absence I should do the obligatory plug for the rest of the mappack.

And I guess we should start making more maps for it, hey? >_>

took 25 mins :)
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It offends me deeply.

I see

I like the review by the way. Map is decent too.


I remember this map.

Yeah that's right. I had the first comment, bitches.

But seriously, this is wicked good.
each area feels so precise and the aesthetics are great.

Deserving feature.

Review was bad. A meme does not a review make.

YES. Godfuckingdamn finally. Gratz squibs ^_^

good mines

Gameplay = meh, sorta fun, not really, meh.
It's too... touchy. The jumps are all small and they kind of bore me. I don't think I ever felt like I was pulling off a cool move in this map. Gameplay was marginal.

The tiles were wicked, though. Really liked them. The gameplay just killed it for me.


fucking cool



One of your best maps. 5aved. This definatley needs to be fueatured
Tiles are great, but gameplay is only OK.

But 4aved.
While almost no others can. =D

Anyways, gameplay goes mostly to mah good bud squibbles.


This was very fun. I agree with what everyone else has said. The enemies were placed perfectly. 5aved.
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Brilliant map mate. Gold and mine placement was awesome, and gameplay kicked ass


very impressive
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that's what I do

21 maps in

and Bio did the mines. As usual. He has a way with z-snapping that I can't even begin to match.