Run Face

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Author macaddict_17
Tags author:macaddict_17 playable race rated
Created 2005-11-27
Last Modified 2005-11-27
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description As my father shouted, "Focus on the fun factor, you philantropic fool!", I made this level. Another fun contest entry.

You sorta thwart the one ways in this one.

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very fun


Nice map

a cool map.
the demo has 2 screwups
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i beat myself
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2365 frames

unlucky ianb.
nice map, macaddict, but it lacked flow and speed
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very fun map

great job! It really WAS a run face.
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ok ok, we know you can do the glitch


The tileset was a bit inconsistent but the level was very fun and great, so it gets a 4.5.


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fun map.

nice one-way usage
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