Heat Haze

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Author nevershine
Tags 149 author:nevershine rated
Created 2010-05-24
Last Modified 2010-05-24
by 11 people.
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Description Heat Haze!

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except that you did make it, and you made it well.


This is my favorite map of yours so far. Sometimes you constrict the pathing options we have, but it's not too bad.


That laser really makes the gameplay great. The 2-tiles look cool, and nice mine placement with that drone tunnel on the top mid-right. I think the drone slows down the gameplay too much at times, and can mess up some flowy demos, but it's not a bit issue. Overall, solid highscoring map.
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Died on the far side of the map from the exit, all-gold though. Plays like a charm, 5aved.
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No problem, and I'll make sure to do the rest at some point.

yeah sure I will

they're both in column 2 so after thats released, I'll submit them :)

this is awesome

can it go in my pack? unless you want it for something else ;)

tiles [] so far man. spice them up a bit, i'm pretty uninventive today :')

Burn Blaze

Fire Phase


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also, nice demo there karma!

great map, I messed up the end of my demo :( nice work though
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This map

should be featured!