wundre sand

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags 200000 author:astheoceansblue unrated
Created 2010-05-27
Last Modified 2010-06-01
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Description Use Nreality [].

Happy 200000, NUMA!

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death demo

worth posting just for the incredibly close call on the left
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kinda sad..

we've only had about 20,000 maps in nearly 2 years since this map...

Perfect map

It's versiality is amazing, it's highly replayable and unique, all that at 200,000? You deserve a mdeal

typical musician

has to get his way :P

And again. =P

still not perfect

we could keep this up all day. =P
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SUB 394

non FBF, also on Nreality.
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SUB 400

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you spammed to it

no fair


You changed it to something better than a 1 minute map.
And its Nreality. Fucking awesome.


as you buggered the crap out of my last demo wich was 3 frames faster than this one i made a new and valid one:
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great 200k

Sorry Izzy.

I got some decent feedback that made sense and it was bugging me. :(

And thanks very much Toe. :)


Awesome map atob. I didn't catch it before the edit, but it's a solid map as it is now. Congrats on 200000 numa :)
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My highscore is broken now.
some dudes think i do multi account
is timed with the various enemies and hazards. Any shorter and it just wouldn't create the same tension.


I just can't wait for all the trouble 300000 will bring. ;)

so about the map, I rated 4 because just in some certain places the aesthetics bothered me especially a few of the mines on the left a d the bonce blocks in the middly be the doors. I think there should have been more gold for highscoring reasons, but I greatly enjoyed this map anyway, and yeah there was a long delay somewhere In there but i don't think it distracted too much from the gameplay

Nah it's fine

I'll just wait a while for 299999 :P

This map is pretty cool by the way. Great use of bounce blocks!
Maybe if it was longer and you had to cross it three or four times, it would make it interesting ;)

Decent map

3/5 if you allowed ratings
but would it be possible to give everyone (or at least me) the ability to delete their own comments?


beat myself, now i'm first.
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in the non-cheating speed-runners:

ps. i ate between my last comment and this one.
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on rating!


oh my

Slow agd.

I really like the timing of the BBs, they work perfectly with the thwumps and give a decent level of tension when waiting for them to fall away.
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Based on feedback (cheers quibbles!)

AGDs broken, soz.


I want the star 0th on nreaility!!!
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With Nreality

At first, it was very gimmiky, like, the entire top half. I feel that the gauss area had some potential, but that you didn't quite realise it. Perhaps if you had added another layer, to make a two by two square. That of course could get tedious though, with the length of the delay, so you'd have to find some way around that.

The bottom half, however, had some really cool gameplay. The area with the mines, I think would have been a bit better if the delay was not so great, as I felt that it was /meant/ to be intense, but hadn't quite gotten there. The thwumps, were really cool, in contrast. They had the perfect combination of waiting for the blocks to go and waitng to be assfucked by a grey cube. And...firefox thinks 'grey' needs to be capitalised. Probably the book on anato--no, that's Gray. I'm so confused. :S


Overall, while the top seemed a little uninspired, the bottom easily made up for it, and it's a cool little innovation you have. It plays well as a whole piece, and is certainly interesting.

And I'm going to AGD it non-nreality now.
I didn't realise it was nreality, and I felt so accomplished having got all the top gold without it. especially the ones on the left. That took some thinking. :D

I'mma play it properly, now. >.<
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typical style of astheoceansblue, but lacks the zest that is inherent in some of his other maps that I enjoy.

re: futile debate
I've taken the liberty of summing up every argument I heard thus far:


Beautiful map, atob

Glad this didn't turn into a joke map.


I think it's nice to have a real map for once. The joke was great, but it has definitely run its course.

only prob i have with this is that the sheer number of maps spammed means i didn't get to play :/

damn you, britain

Ew, horrible map.

Ew, ew ew. Ew. I'll snipe it because it's 200000. Ew, atob, how could you take that one, there were so many people that deserved it more than you did.
Seriously, ew.
200023, 200029, 200033, 200041, 200063, 200087...
The primes are actually quite dense in this region!