Temporary Pass

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Author SkyPanda
Tags 69 author:skypanda puzzle rated
Created 2010-06-03
Last Modified 2010-06-03
by 5 people.
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Description hehe map 69 ;)

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Highscore run

I tested the AGD route, but it's not any faster than this demo I don't think. Excellent map, SkyPanda.
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A rare miss.

I liked the key placement/tileset thing that atob pointed out and the tunnels, but the map as a whole was kinda awkward. Getting the key up top felt un-natural.

first demo xD

awesome 69th map
Demo Data
they were ALL about what was wrong with them =(


This is cool. Very cool. 4.5aved.


Get on it again, you'd add some spice to it.
this was actually going to be a map for muse but i got carried away. here it was in sketch/ideas phase
was supposed to be a climb through some towers or something

As for the map

I can't play it right now as my fingers has seized up, but I really like how you closed off the switch tunnel. Not seen tiles used like that before.

You should do muse.

I'd be interested to see what you come up with.