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Author formica
Tags author:formica awesome rated
Created 2010-06-09
Last Modified 2010-06-10
by 8 people.
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Description ... will be excruciating.

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I don't get it, why that many bounce blocks? Wouldn't one or maybe two rows yield the same effect? Or was that on purpose so the lag would itself be part of the challenge? Anyway, I think this is a fine idea for a map, but I can see where complaints are coming from.

u should name it the lag mahcine

WAY TOO much lag. Unenjoyable. And what it looks it is like running up stairs.

Unless someone can explain the finety in this, 1.
So well done. Also come back. I'm happy to have been introduced to your maps(you got a feature recently btw)... also you owe me a ded. I say so and it is thusly true (check out your other maps with new comments) >.>
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come back :(

where are you? leaving? again?



I think you added a new layer... and another... and another... and possibly a few hundred more.


Faster than ratatat's.
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i can run it just fine. I get a bit of lag when u actually run it up like stairs (which looks awesome)


made a map [] like this one once. Cool idea :)

speed run:
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Lag-puter says "TH1S R TAK1NG 2 LONG 2 LO4D".


but the lag was to fierce. And the rocket, the rocket!


so much lag. I got over 1000ms/f. :/

resubbed because NUMA wouldn't let me add an exit to the old version for some reason