Saturn's Day

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Author Race_Week
Tags author:race_week race rated
Created 2010-06-13
Last Modified 2010-06-13
by 12 people.
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Description With this large planet orbiting around the old Norse folk, they decided to name the final day of the week after Saturn.

Author: yungerkid [] - Check out our profile

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haha XY

interesting you guessed me for your own map :)
One of these days I'll make races again


part with the trapdoor and mines was frickin cool.


well my race sucked hardcore and i need to redeem myself. xD its been a long time since i've made a race so...
yungerkid did a good job here. i enjoy a lot of his races.

First of all, Thank you Iban for doing this, it was great :)
Second of all, The whole week I was expecting a MattyMc13 race :(
Third of all, this is a very nice race :P


1. Done!
2. None planned but it's very possible. I know had fun doing this. :)
3. He declined the offer due to personal affairs (like school, etc.)
4. Well I know all the authors from the start, but I would've only guessed rit and destiny's right if given that chance.. and mine too :P

Long comment...

1. You have to add the names of the authors to the descriptions!
2. Are there other race weeks planned? ("Organizer Week 1")
3. I'm surprised that Matty wasn't there.
4. My guesses were:
Sun's day - epigone (haha)
Moon's day - Matty or etdeshon
Twi's day - destiny or yungerkid
Odin's day - rit
Thor's day - iban
Frigg's day - ?
Saturn's day - geckos or yungerkid

Haha :)

thanks lsudny!


*** iban changed nick to Race_Week
<Race_Week> Hey all, the proud organizer of race week will now reveal whose map is whose.
<Race_Week> But first I would like to thank everyone that played them all.
<Race_Week> So here goes nothing:
<Cupfwee> I didn't have the opportunity to play them all
<Race_Week> Sun's Day: By XY
<Cupfwee> I will play them
<WORLDCUPschal> Ohhh
<WORLDCUPschal> You started on Sunday
<WorldCupikaze> Call: race week is ruining WORLD CUP
<WORLDCUPschal> Duh
<Race_Week> Moon's Day: By GRN
<Race_Week> Tyr's Day: Destiny
<Race_Week> odin's Day: Rit
<Race_Week> Thor's Day: iban
<Race_Week> Frigg's Day: etdeshon
<Race_Week> Saturn's Day: yungerkid
*** Race_Week changed nick to iban

yungerkid, eh?

Wouldn't have guessed it.
boonie or geckos


got some pretty mad speed. 3.5 ^
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It is definitely GRN.

It is definitely GRN.


Wicked race.


Finally :)

Really nice rockets.. really nice. Flow was also really awesome once I got used to it.
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made this.

Oh C'mon

Right after I sub my race.

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