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Author ska
Tags author:ska disorientation jumper medieval mine myriads rated
Created 2010-06-15
Last Modified 2010-06-15
by 8 people.
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Description Preview of my soon to be released map pack/column, code named: Medieval Myriads.

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I wish I had your skill...
Your demo was ... wow.
I don't want to advertise on your map (so I wont leave a link), but I have a challenge on my last nreality map. I thought you might be interested, as it's pretty flowy. And I'd love to see a demo from you on it. Check it out ! :)
I don't think I was aware that the map would punish fast players when I made it. My mapping process was v.different then at any rate.

thanks wolf

I'll remove the floor guard in the episodic format ;)

Enviably stylish

And fun gameplay, that has simple mechanics but is deceptively difficult and addictive. You definitely nailed an episodic feel, if that makes sense.

I don't like that floorguard however. I think you should give us some respite on the floor.
grn summed it up. It's annoying, yet incredibly addictive. I like the difference between climbing up the steep slopes with speed, and the decending them with precision. Excellent.
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Demo Data


fyi, this is probably going to be the hardest map in the pack.


4. not 4 up, because that doesn't even make sense.


fantastically annoying.


have fun
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