There's Gold in Yonder Hills

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Author eternal_moonlight
Tags 150 action author:eternal_moonlight collab featured heatwave21 playable rated
Created 2010-06-24
Last Modified 2010-06-24
by 19 people.
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Description 150th. This ones a collab with the wonderful heatwave21.

This map was featured on 2011-10-02

Legend tells of a bandit, a fearless moonlighter who held no pretenses when it came to stealing. Over the course of several years he amassed a small fortune and retreated into the mountains. From time to time vagabonds would seek him out to ask for money, and he would help them. But all of his wealth wouldn’t keep him healthy. Before he died he constructed a few protective measures to ward off pillagers, but they have since broken down. There’s gold in yonder hills, and it’s waiting for you, if you dare to look. — Life247

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Thanks much, I need to get back to mapping soon!


Glad you liked it guys.
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Nothing special
then it took me about 5 tries after that first one.
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Demo Data


Demo Data


fastest... like a bawwwss
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congrats on the feature :D


is some good shit

I love

shooting up the sides towards the switch. Maybe a rocket wasn't the best choice, but...still a 5
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fml, this is slow.

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Some of the gameplay was a bit sketchy on the far left side, but this was well made overall. Good collab, and congratz on 150 maps!
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loved it. 5aved. I didnt like the jump to the bounceblock much because it was had but the gold was really fun to get. theres alot of REALLY close calls in the demo though.
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love it.