Misson Possible but not Probable

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Author infernoXV8
Tags author:infernoxv8 challenging hard playable speed unrated
Created 2010-07-22
Last Modified 2010-07-22
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Description This map was a map i created for one perpose. I was very bored waiting for downloads one day and wanted to play something challenging so i had something to work on and try to complete while waiting. I know the tileset is most likely bad but i only made it to challenge myself but when i completed it, i wanted to share it with you guys!

Its very challenging (well for me anyways) and you must be very quick. I thought it was unfair to upload it without putting in a demo so i will because otherwise you might get stuck on where to go next. Enjoy

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I very much like this.
Demo Data

too many switches

you can alter the path without making so many doors.

Look ugly... But so challenging ;)


Love the start of this.

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