Echo Base

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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox base conceptual echo unrated war-machine
Created 2010-07-27
Last Modified 2010-08-03
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description This is a map from War-Machine except with a different name. Inspired by ZTHING and ChrisE.

AGD = Ded

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It's cool not having to go looking for good maps. :P


I really loved the left side. And the top side. The right side needed a bit more polish, but yeah, it was still cool.

And you know what? The bottom side was pretty cool too. A bit more polish, and this would be like, flawless.

Also, I innovated a route. :3
Demo Data

I had to edit, SOZ

You will still get the ded, though.

Bottom left.


I can tell which part I inspired.
Demo Data

One of my