The Waves

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Author miststalker06
Tags author:miststalker06 featured rated swoosh
Created 2010-08-04
Last Modified 2010-08-04
by 19 people.
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Description Swoosh.

This map was featured on 2010-08-21

No offense to the creative parts of miststalker06's head, but "The Waves" is a horrible title for this map. At their roughest, waves are still constant, predictable; this map is going in ten different directions at once. It has more in common with a gaudy, bustling skyscraperville than with any body of water I know--an activity of mines scatters across the walls, illuminating alleys and passageways stuffed with clamor. Let flashing lights invade your heart as if you were a small-town country girl seeing the big city for the first time in a made-for-tv movie.

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I remember

yu very well. Thx for commenting on the maps and for going for the gold in horns n thorns i was really pleased with that map :P

Better? []

Agd (underclock)

I just try to copy Xaelar demo on Nreality but i'm a bit better. I do some mistakes at the end...
Definitely one of your best map.
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nice review

Decent map too, I sill have it faved. bobaganuesh's comment pretty much sums up the map in general. It's disorienting, but it's fun. Congratz on the feature mist.

Looks like

Something Be_Happy_:) and Izzy would make.

nice map

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cheated agd
Demo Data
That is, until I found the cheatable route.
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Me and Raif

were facing off on this map. We both got 477 :/
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This map is genius, there's so many ways to complete it, tileset is amazing, drone are brilliant pathed and timed, enemies and obstacles are original and effective, design is EXCELLENT. Mist' i think your my favourite action map author of all time. You have a style of mapping which is just incredible.

For the demo my score is 102.125 and it's an AGD -1. It's a better score than your demo. The gold i don't get is hard to get but possible, just jump at the right time. Hope somebody can do that, or get a better way.
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Ha ha,

me? Featured? Well, I really did like this map, too! Thanks a bunch, onesevennine! :D And what a review! o.O

cool review :P

I had this favorited before.


liked this review


Didn't like it much. But, I liked the floorguard under the exit.
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You can pass through the oneways on the middle by using bounceblock push.

wicked review, 179

and the map is pretty awesome too... best review/map combination in quite a while
Not really a fan of the map though. I just wanted to come back to it to speedrun it.


Let flashing lights invade your heart as if you were a small-town country girl seeing the big city for the first time in a made-for-tv movie.

and faster :}
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are you supposed to be able to cheat the one-ways underneath the middle bounce block?

incredibly disorienting


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love the map anyways, you're a good mapmaker :]
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Give it a shot in the game itself... Enjoy :)

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