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Author maxson924
Tags 31 action author:maxson924 rated
Created 2010-08-05
Last Modified 2010-08-05
by 7 people.
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Description 31

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31st comment



yeah, it was crap. not just because it didn't stick to the show, though. i think if i had never seen the show, i still would have hated it.


it used to be this way all the time. i've since learned not to take it for granted.

man eevee making a map is like an /event/

... that was supposed to submit like 5times, maybe this site is getting tired of me

leaff has more comments than me not cool

i swear none of this is intentional

you have to have planned htis what the fuck

ps this map is good i am sfaving it i hope you dont' mdind
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wtf @ this demo

anyway this is a pretty cool map, rockets are great and that bounceblock by the beginning is very good

also my favorite tileshape is that thing hanging off of the ceiling in the start it is so great
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jesus FUCK my typos

by halfway imean like in the very beggining

also it looked a lot cooler hwen i was recoridng it ;_;

holy shit there is a fucking awesome rocket dodege like hlfaway in to this demo
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this map

is possibly a [] counterargument.

guys shut up this is perfect 5avaveaeded
this is my first rated map in a while.
was rather bland. more importantly, it hurt the gameplay by making them too predictable.
but i'm looking at it, and would've suggested placing the rockets in a more orderly way. because their shape right now sort of clashes with the straight-lined-ness of the tiles, and that kind of thing always subtracts major points for me.

supreme overlord dumbfuck

agd because i am cool man this map is insane except for the fucking crosses whoever didnt like it down there is a supreme overlord dumbfuck
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it's a somewhat descent demo :/
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Don't forget!

I don't give a 2 because I want to be mean or extreme harsh or something.
Hope it's ok.


my bad
i don't mind, but a comment please?

Gold looks ugly. :/

3 rockets are also too overpowered.
Don't know how to deal with this map.

this map is alot of fun but their r alot of rockets, u must be crazy 4