An Unanticipated Factor of the Sequence

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Author Kaylab
Tags action author:kaylab rated
Created 2010-08-07
Last Modified 2010-08-07
by 9 people.
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Description Dance your way though, fight to the death.

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now this is good

I was never good at this game so such "casual" maps are made for me. ; P

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Wow amazing tiles

Awesome close calls

with the gauss and laser.

Sweet map.
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Objectives - Route - Tileset combination it's really good. I dislike that you're not able to take secondary ways.


It's excellent ! totally minimal style, with a very interresting gameplay and an nice aesthetic. The only thing i don't like is this wall of mine and the bottom with the oneway in the rocket part, it's broke the global design of the map and make the rocket a little annyonning.


Fairly minimal use of objects, and you placed fun before style or design. Good job! 5aved.
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