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Author Raif
Tags author:raif dda dda-ish fast justwatch unrated
Created 2010-08-12
Last Modified 2012-05-18
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Description Name by Daik.
Bhz recommended I submit this map here.
I don't care this is cheatable.


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Hello Raif again!

I do not want to be annoying or overwhelming, but it's been almost one month since the last time we spoke. May be you dont want to make that list, simply tell me, but if you still want to help me, I would appreciate it sincerely. I could have some kind of answer please? Thank you bro!

Oh thank you Raif,

That sound cool, I really appreciate it.
I hope that list soon, thank you again.. :)

pssssst, VODKALOVER Session Three (5x5 NReality) coming in a near future... ;)

hello Raif!

I see you around NUMA today, nice!
You still remember what I asked to you? Please my friend!


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Demo Data


reposted for easier copying and pasting :P
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