Shakespeare's Theater

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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox ghosty nreality rated shakespeare theater
Created 2010-08-20
Last Modified 2010-08-20
by 5 people.
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Description This is one of my best levels. NReality required. I hope you greatly enjoy it.

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In order for the ghost/angel mod to work, I increased the speed of the ninja slightly but unless you look at the code, it's really not noticeable.


Funnest Nreality shit I've played in ages. Faved. Please make more, I love this! :D
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Generic is a relative term. Like feature-worthy and above-average.


I think not, baby puppy. It is you...

no bleh, he put the infinite jump mod, so you'll always be higher than that mine, but it also means you can float around, which I liked
also, since white=ghost, I like this more, and replaying was way cooler, nice little idea :D

your a bit late for ghosty :P

did you make the ninja smaller too? cuz i jumped that little space with the mine under the bottom arch with no problem...



Neat mods. The structure and placement of the locked doors is ugly. The gold placement is uninspired and appears to have been an afterthought. The naned drone is.. a naned drone. The best part about the map is the rocket bounceblock chamber on the left.


White Ninja = Ghost.
Little gold rooms = Something fun to get.

it was pretty fun, but I don't understand the white ninja, and the huge amount of little gold rooms, it's on it's way to being really great
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i will go one and try to get a much faster AGD
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this would probably be it.