Under The Hill

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny featured playable race rated sky
Created 2010-10-04
Last Modified 2010-10-04
by 15 people.
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Description Most of the time there is no intended flow route for while you're above ground - be aware of that. Flowy improvisation is fun :D

This map was featured on 2013-07-08

The demons screamed, the jester cried, the crown was so blindly misplaced.
The workers worked as the builders built, their town was so warmly embraced.
Under the Hills the beings were busy, drowned in a Kingdom so great.
Soon they'd be found, by the horrors above, this was more than their fate.

No way to stop it, nothing to do, the beings all stopped to wait. — DaggaFork

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Demo Data
But the flow may be a bit too hard to find, and there are a couple difficulty spikes.

good choice dagga

congrats on the feature. i really enjoyed this map, everything flowed together well.
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leo post your feature any time. I missed my day, but nobody signed up for the 7th, so I capitalized.

Always nice to see comments I left when I was 12. Will play this again tomorrow.

good feature

although now mine is pushed ahead by many hours

up to you.

more message in the message lol.

forgot link

here []

i Would like you to playtest this

I love it

I keep messing up in the bottom.


I thought the start was really awkward until I watched your demo. This is probably the fastest route, but not as cool as yours :p
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Demo Data
And besides, a race made of pure clouds would be... like... impossible.

...but really cool. I may try this.

It says that, but...
till I read there was a lower launchpad. :P And just like the "one tile" jumps on your last race, the double jumps like at the beginning are so hard for me too D:

Ferox, when it says sky, it also says that there just needs to be a sky in the map & there definitely is here.
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I did not like this race. I do not know why, I just don't. NR.

Also, When they say Sky, I think most of the gameplay should be in the sky.


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Pretty good

run until that happened
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I like to get the gold at the start, but it's totally possible to do it at the end.
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