Evacuate the Bridge!

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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel ded eddymatagallos emg nreality puzzle rated
Created 2010-10-11
Last Modified 2010-10-11
by 8 people.
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Description Ded to EddyMataGallos. Enjoy solving some BP puzzle action.
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Demo Data


Do you remember that you've playtested a map for me, it is submitted now. Please have a look :). []

Hey, I read that you wanted a completion demo for this [] map, here you have ;D
Demo Data

And now speedrun!

Same route, but cleaner.
Thanks again for the ded ;D
661 frames
Demo Data

I told you

Using your new route ;D
890 frames
Demo Data

Faster route.
Demo Data

I love it

I like the triple jump part.


your map was cool. I loved how you remade your first map.


I improved it today, but tomorrow I'll continue :)
Thanks you again ;D
682 frames
Demo Data
Thanks you a lot, this map is great =D
I attach here my speedrun, I'll improve It tomorrow also,thats for sure.
692 frames
Demo Data

Or maybe not, i've jsut realized that its difficult to improve for me, but I'll try, thats for sure xD

Mmm, I havent had much time today (highschool, etc), here's a decent run. But I'll improve it tomorrow (or at least try), for sure.
1143 frames
Demo Data

sloppy run

but i broke 700 like i wanted to... speedrun
Demo Data

i dunno but

im finding the chimney really easy and fun...
Demo Data


First time i played i thought it was a great map BUT..
this chimney is very irritating, i dead twice on it in fbf mode.. And trust me i was taking all the possible jumps !
The 2 trapdoor are useless, i can caught this switches without hitting the mines.
The rest of the map is good but nothing particular, aethetic is nice ;)

1 isn't a snipe.

Sorry I didn't comment, I tend to leave maps alone when I dislike them, but I *really* disliked this one, and I know you can do a lot better.

If you want actual critique; I advise you against ever putting a necessary chimney jump through locked doors into a map. It's practically out of your control, and it kills you half the time. Very annoying, especially if you're trying to do runs.

The player spends about a quarter of a second under threat from that gauss and the thwumps, the rest of the gameplay is arbitrary climbing, a bounceblock jump, etc. In other words, very little in terms of stimulating gameplay here for me.

Of course, this is all critique from an "action" mapper's perspective, but still, in terms of being a puzzle, this still doesn't stimulate me.

Oh, and I know it's trivial, but the aesthetics didn't do much for me at all, either.

Note that I mean this all in good spirit. I like you, but I think this map is "very poor".


to illustrate my words.
Demo Data


also, sub-par for you, i don't get the puzzle element, i did everything just like in your demo but i stil can't pass the door, unless the 'puzzle' is chimneying fast enough to get past the door.


Thanks for sniping, asshole.


Pretty easy demo to beat; I did some fumbling. Watch it AFTER you have at least AGD'd the map, otherwise it would just be a spoiler.

So, what's the fastest run you can get, EMG?
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