Down fell the creator

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Author Woot16
Tags author:woot16 playable unrated
Created 2010-10-13
Last Modified 2010-10-13
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I'm not making adventure maps. Found out that I'm too crappy to make those. So I will make survivals for now.

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You're really good at them!


(sorry bout the double comment)
but it's mentality, not ability. If you set yourself to something, you'll most likely achieve it in the end. Not everyone started off as really good action map makers, or mapmakers at all. You need to practice to get better. Just giving up isn't the right solution. It's just... not right to give up on action maps because you "suck" at making them. You only suck if you think you suck. Seriously.

I truly, TRULY encourage you to continue to map. And don't delist maps like that in the future. You'll want to look back and see how much you've improved from your first maps.

Trust me, I've been here for 4 years.

anyways, I seriously (again) want you to keep on mapping, in all genres. Keep mapping, as that's the only way to get good.

Cheers, Daik


it's criticism. I get it all the time.





are you kidding me?

you're NOT too crappy to make them. I was offering up constructive criticisms >_>