The Real

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Author Mirage
Tags author:mirage blackson brttrx cooby shortshift unrated
Created 2010-10-14
Last Modified 2010-10-14
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Map Data

Description Mirage isn't here to kiss feet.

We're here to suck toes.

For Deja, wherever he is, we hope he's alright.
For Dylan, get back to Numa already!

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or something close to it. whatever. just make it sexy like you always do.

I miss Deja.

I'm still alive, though. I'll make a map at some point. Can't promise it'll be any good.


Tiles are the coolest part; gold clumps are inconsistent, mines aren't much fun to dodge. Gameplay is very straightforward. Launchpad/objective is mildly creative.
Demo Data


Demo Data

Dylan is DemonzLunchBreak I believe.

Dylan = Demonz

I think.
1 tile rectangles were lame. Thwump mechanics were generally bad. Rocket area was great. Gauss area was short but not bad. Stair tiles were awesome.

"For Deja, wherever he is, we hope he's alright."

Ditto. :/