Episode 0 Level 0: everything has its center

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Author The_Mingler
Tags author:the_mingler episode0 hard jumper mines rated skill
Created 2010-10-22
Last Modified 2010-11-12
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Here's my first jumper puzzle (yay! :D) and for once it's actually good, next to my other, unposted jumper fails.

Enjoy! :D

Episode 0 []
Level 1: godspeed you! []
Level 2: boring machines disturbs sleep []
Level 3: accidents will happen []
Level 4: paranoias []

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oh and heres an AGD
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Hooray, The_Mingler started to make a mappack! Butas maxson924 and BluePretzel said, it doesn't fit for a 0-0. 0th maps of episodes have to be easiest ones.
Anyways, i can't wait for the rest!

Tileset looks good, plays amazing! Golds and the difficulty set perfectly. It's on of your best maps.

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Hey man

Do you want to join my minimalism mapping contest ? []

Second try AGD

Not bad, but a terrible 0-0. Not to put you off, for this map is very exceptional, but forget it for 0-0. No offense.
I'll give this a 3.5^/5
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but it's not like there's a statute of limitations on features :p Hell, about a month ago some map from '04 or '05 got featured.

Pretty good level
Sub-1650 frames
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it's your map title
where you said "it's" instead of "its" :p
5aved 5aved 5aved. I'd feature this were I still a reviewer. It's a little hard for a 00-0 though; if it's in episode 00, 00-3 or 00-4 seem more like it, but whatever.

The use of the wrong form of "its" bothers me though ;D


This is fun but and nice to look but just a little repetive. Quite addictive, you begin to make good maps :)

Pour le tileset j'aime vraiment bien, tu pourrais le completer avec des formes abstraites. Aussi j'aime pas trop les 4 coins identiques, ils sont cool mais si ils diffèrent légerement c'est encore mieux !
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- gameplay is relativeley easy
- tiles are.. well.. tiles
I only have one complain:
- you could have put the exit svitch somewere else then onto the dor I'm not sure I like maps where the only scope is to get to the dor and no exit switch chalenge
thats like a must for me cause it's alvays fun to opin the dor and alvays diferent..


for a jumper puzzle, this is pretty raw. there's /tons/ you could've done with this. but, since it's your first, mid-3.


thanks very much for your nice words :)