Gay Octopus

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Author flagmyidol
Tags author:flagmyidol featured moa-reject nexx rated
Created 2010-12-24
Last Modified 2011-05-18
by 10 people.
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Description Collab with Nexx from a few months ago.

This map was featured on 2012-07-18

Life is more fun when taking risks. The same goes for N. If you aren't going to launchpad yourself within half a tile of a mine, what's the point in getting any gold?

This map is all about risks. The falls, the close calls, the rocket-gauss combination... It's up to you how many you take, but if you don't live on the edge this map isn't half as fun.

So go ahead. Take the biggest risk of all, and make love to this Gay Octopus... and don't give it your number. — ChrisE

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Awesome map

flowed really well.

Slow AGD

Fun map :D
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This is too unpolished.
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ChrisE and I and others made like three dozen maps together so that's not too surprising.

heh, i do think it's funny that ChrisE featured this, because it totally looks like a ChrisE map.


for someone with the balls to review their own map.

homosexual balls.

cograts flag!
I don't like the middle gauss though. 4.
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(Assuming you did not edit the map further)
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Here's an AGD death demo. If it helps.
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Was it hard? I can't even remember.

kinda hard

yet very fun 4/5 and faved


got cornered.
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