Come on, Eileen

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Author Sunset
Tags author:sunset featured projectrace projectrace2 race rated
Created 2010-12-31
Last Modified 2010-12-31
by 28 people.
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Description some project race stuff

This map was featured on 2011-01-02

You know when you have a great race when you don't know what makes it great. Playing this map I feel this is the beginning of something spectacular. I've seen the humble beginnings for many race makers who today are regarded as titans, and rather than the sun setting for our new humble race maker Sunset, it is rising to new potential.

Blessed are the race makers, for they shall inherit the Nearth. — superstardomX_

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lol oops

i accidentally reported this map my bad

This is really cool

I was convinced for at least a full 60 seconds that this was an action map, until I finally got to one section and went, "wait, how am I supposed to... wait, is this a flipping race map?? ...Holy crap, it is!!" So yeah, I really love the style. :D


did you make that invisible wall thing?


and fastest
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think its fastest, cba to check the other page.
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Missed this.

Anyways, this is fantastic. One of the few times you got the gameplay and aesthetics right. :p
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First map I play for 2 weeks :)
Really interresting composition.
Love the close call with the the drones and the variety of enemies.
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broke the 800

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nice map.

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I jsut remembered that this is a song
Thinking outside of the box, and then some.


Congratulations on your first featured map!

As far as the map goes-
Aesthetics- 2/2.5
The tiles were okay, nothing too great but nothing too bad, but perfect for a race map.
Gameplay- 2/2.5
As far is this goes for a race map, it was pretty good. It wasn't too easy, like I wasn't supposed to press the left button the whole time lol, but it wasn't too challenging, so this was a very fun mix. The only probelm is that towards the end, while your getting the switch there's no real "flow" to the map, and I think that's what race maps are all about, the flow. So that was my only concern, but great map.
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nuoh my god

nice feature. looks like you got some of the elite racemakers and highscorers to come in and drop you a line.
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That's kind of cool...
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Eff yeah,

legit 20 rates! :D

those drones

are just too cool

also grats on the feature!
is clever and cool.


ask of time^^

congrats ;P

I love this

But it could have been utilized far better. Congrats regardless!

Nothing special. Flow is standard and boring, and the most of the drones do nothing. It also looks pretty bad.

Sunset has way better maps to feature. And in nmaps there are thousands of races that are better than this.
I still stand by my comment - good map but a little rough.

savor every moment


really rough around the edges, and short.

congrats sunset!!!!!!!!!


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Congrats anyway. :P


Maybe I should try making a race for once. :P

Mmm, thanks bro's.

Though I'd like to apologize to Yahoozy and toasters for my actions last night. Sorry. They were dick moves on my part.

Also stop treating me like shit Yahoozy.


finally! lol
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