No chains around my feet, But I'm not free.

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Created 2011-01-15
Last Modified 2011-01-15
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Description I have noticed that lots of people on NUMA name their maps after the lyrics of song (Sunset I'm looking at you). But I have also noticed that none of the songs that these maps are named after fall into the genre of Reggae. This is a problem. Therefore from now on all of my maps will be named after Reggae songs. Have a nice day.

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felt a bit empty though.
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I'm okay with that.

As long as some users say they like my maps, I'll be happy. The only time I felt popular was my map Assault. It has 18 rates of 4/5 and 5/5, and 22 comments. But thanks for mentioning that.

You obviously don't listen to Dream Theater or Liquid Tension Experiment.

get on irc

I was away.

So yeah...

Considering the collab group - I won't wait for lori_csabi, let's do something. Get on IRC.

As for the map - the bottom laser timing sucked. Rest is really cool, as always. I love your style. Um, yeah. 4.
That would make me happy.

Wow fuck you.

That route is deceptive as shit.
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