Gravity is Overated

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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator flow gravity projectrace2 race rated thencreator
Created 2011-01-16
Last Modified 2011-01-17
by 7 people.
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Description Lets face it. Gravity is Overated.

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Pretty cool.

The flow was awkward at times, but I loved the thwump thing. Agreed with destiny, too.


This map is great!

4/5 and faved!
I can see you becoming something great in the near future.

A few tips:

Try and tidy up your object placement a bit. Things like placing mines on the end of spikes should be avoided for aesthetic purposes.

Don't forget you can create flow using objects too. Sometimes running across a thwump is just the touch a race needs.

I would usually ramble on about theme to a relatively new race mapper, but you've pretty much got that one down. All you need is practice and you'll be making pretty tilesets in no time ^^
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Hes never been the same man.

Really cool flow, but the thing that lowers this value...

is lack of polish. Too many craggy edges or bad mines prevented this from being enjoyable.
I screwed up the flow so many times in here but hopefully you guys can get the idea
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