White Blank Page

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Author karmap0lice
Tags author:karmap0lice featured thirty-five-below-zero-weather-sucks unrated
Created 2011-01-31
Last Modified 2011-01-31
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Description this map didnt make it through to moa, but on the plus side i finally found a downloadable version of a song i heard over a year ago but could never find somewhere to upload it from :] thankyou video2mp3!

This map was featured on 2011-06-15

Most people know Karmapolice for his amazing highscoring abilities, but for awhile now his mapping skills have turned into a fine art. White Blank Page is a perfect example of this. The flow here is outstanding and the beautiful circles take the cake. Along with an atmosphere that is uncomparable to anything else. Thus setting this map far above the pack.

Speaking of packs, Moa must've lost their minds here, because this is a just a great work of art. — mystro23

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yu back?

Extremely surprised

nobody has said Mumford & Sons yet. Cool song, great map. <3

Great map

Just lots of fun to play. It has flow, speed and challenge.

nice how the mines

radiate outward.


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wow, was not expecting this!
thanks everyone and mystro!! :]
errors here..... butttttt I'm too lazy and on my ipod.


What minds.

Karma <3

Slow AGD

Beautifully built, congrats an the feature. Faved!
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slow agd. Very cool map.
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you need to get on irc.
and if you do, then who are you?
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That's old news.


Rocket worked efficient. Golds are fun to get.
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Another great map.

I can't wait to see your next diamond.


it was nice, but the enemies did next to nothing. i feel like you could basically take out the thwumps and drones and it would still play almost exactly the same. that said, i still enjoyed it.
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sorry but..

I agree alsow
faved ^^

I agree this map is fucking amazing. Faved!

I like this map a lot
It have something special