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Author sidke
Tags author:sidke fix imagemap numa plugin thumbs unrated
Created 2011-02-05
Last Modified 2011-02-05
Map Data

Description an update!
uberstreamlined to your provide you with quicker service and a new feature to rock your socks:

NReality imagemaps are shown as they would be in nreality!

you might have already noticed that THUMBS™ has told you you need to update, that was for compatibility between the browsers! re-checked in chrome, firefox, and opera... confirmed working!

grab it here!! []

refer to the original map for installation or to give it love:

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What's a friblit?

From Pizzles D. Dizzles to Pizzles D. Dizzles, M.D.

I've found it. It's from Tools -> Extensions

How to uninstall this script for Google Chrome? I've wandered around settings, but couldn't figure it out :S

What does Vanilla Thumbs mean?

I'm serious.

Thumbs was superior anyways.


Regular Thumbs

are not working so well after all. I understand that it's getting expensive, but I'd be willing to bear some of the financial burden.


hey sidkuh. unsuspend my moa account?

Safari of course. Why would I use anything else?


make your damn script work on macs, you friblit. '-_<

gorillaz mannnnnn gorillaz!!




But it's okay.

19 0's, Im guessing. :'[
Would I be asking too much for that to change?

No wait.

It suddenly started working again... Nevermind.
I tried un-installing it and re-installing it, deleting cookies, deleting browsing data (I needed to do this anyways XD), and asking help from the people in IRC. Nothing worked. :( Please help soon?

As a side note

your avatar terrifies me.

Now in colour.

Even more awesome :P

Just wanna say...

Happy birthday, man.

sorry geez...

The gridlines are still there on non-nreality ones

The gridlines are still there on non-nreality ones

of course it wasnt working because i didnt download the userscript. you ar de best, tanks sidke


You're really more than awesome. Now i can see all my image-maps in the thumbnails and it looks fantastic! You deserve a dronie for this beautiful work. Also the tileset in itself is so nice done.
Ah and the answer is 42 for sure :D
Thanks again. THUMBS work great with Firefox.
see about 15 comments down about how firefox is the only browsing doing this to people and i spent hours trying to figure out a way to get it to not but it didn't work. i think a 3/4 browser success rate is enough for me especially since i am doing this in my free time.

about supporting all of nreality, no. no. what do they say about mice and giving cookies?

about people who are having problems installing the update, i have provided just enough information regarding the browsers that you should really not be having any whatsoever. mintnut kindly tested this on safari and showed it's working (except for the bug that i am going to fix later) so even safari users can use this.

@everyone who is experiencing no problems and enjoys the plugin: enjoy guys :3

@everyone who is having issues or is using firefox: sorry guys i don't know what to say, if you don't like the grid you can change to chrome (what i develop it for) or another browser or go back to broken thumbs. SORRY TO BE SO FRANK I AM NOT TRYING TO START A BROWSER WAR THAT IS JUST HOW IT IS. GO BUG MOZILLA ABOUT THEIR HORRIBLE SVG RENDERING

@w3c: pretty please add in fsaa thanks


thanks again!

Careful, fbf.

He's not a miracle-worker.

can you make a mod that also shows all nreality as it would, like spinning lasers and greedy drones and such.


yeah, so this and the previous update isnt working for me :(:(:( got any suggestions?
the only problem i've seen is that if the link in the maps code to the fg/bg images are dead, you get a broken image link thing showing up:

Safari w/Greasekit:

Not sure whether it'd be possible to fix this at your end, but figured you might like to know.


I'm having a problem with something. [].