Purple hills

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset featured goldenn pills purple rated
Created 2011-03-07
Last Modified 2011-03-11
by 22 people.
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Description If you like smack, then I might too. I just wanna get high like you!

This map was featured on 2011-03-12

When I first started up N several years ago, the thing that was most alien was controlling the ninja itself. By now, though, I run on autopilot while working my way through any map; I can subconsciously analyze situations on instinct and escape with a mindless mash of my keyboard.

And it took this map to make me realize that, because it reduces me to the way I was several years ago; entering a landscape of wonder, trying to get a feel for my legs. No amount of practice on any other map could prepare you for this. — Onesevennine

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And who the hell is Kuri, anyway?

This is

A truly amazing map lovvee itt <3

3d feature

*High Five* :DD

I like your maps

Sunset, but this one I found a little too frustrating.
On a random facebook status, and now this! D:


Now you're winning. ;)


Really good review.
The map is strange but yeah its uniquely special.

classic song

:P one of the first hip hop tracks i ever heard..


I like it more than when I first played it. The concept is surprisingly good, but the map is a little rough in places, and the gold at the bottom is simply not worth it imo; putting some more down there would have been a good idea. Once you get into the rhythm of the map, however, it is rather fun.
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Oh and one more

for maximum smoothness ^^
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if anyone watches this, note I didn't use fbf at all. That's just how twitchy this map made me haha
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Well deserved.

Again, great map!

death demo

it is an utter fucking miracle that i got this far. practically playing with my eyes closed.

N is really strange when the floor moves.
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`4 `4 `4
I really get what you're saying here.

And it's sunset! `y4 `y4 `y4

excellent concept

with an unpolished execution. congrats on the feature, sunset.

Excellent review. Shelved for Dronies.



Never liked this

And i guessed this would have happened. Mechanic wasn't well polished and the whole thing was just a mess.

oh well

you got inspiration from my juggle map xD

That's the actitude

You have a high level of recognition. If In 1 week your maps is featured because the people love you, I'm sure that in less than a year you could be mod or something big in this community :P

Fantastic concept.

I love the gameplay, so rich in variety and unpredictable. 4.5^

Fantastic concept.

I love the gameplay, so rich in variety and unpredictable. 4.5^

Heads Up

Always look in the bright side :D


You're like god in mapmaking, you should be an admin or something because you're like onl everytime?


didn't you submit this like a week ago?
wow o.o

this getting fast a featured


YEAsunset feature.

I disagree

I find this map very pleasing to look at, except for those launchpads in the bottom-right. The gameplay's good and interesting, too. Nice map.

The gameplay

is very smooth, but the object placement feels messy and not in a stylistically satisfying way either.

If this were refined it would be stellar.
Onesevennine has become in Featured!
(Already told you so, very good.)

Congrat Sunset!



Thanks man!

my last demo

for now.
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