Soundtrack 2 My Life

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Author karmap0lice
Tags author:karmap0lice brand-new-concept super-stealth-ninja unrated
Created 2011-03-12
Last Modified 2011-03-12
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1. Load THIS map in N-editor FIRST: link []

2. After you have loaded that map in N-editor FIRST, leave N-editor and quickly click USER LEVELS before the previous map is wiped away.

3. Load the map in USER LEVELS and play as super-stealth-ninja!


*remember, you are starting on the right of the map, below the gauss*

Enjoy the concept!! this is just a preliminary (and easy) version, please develop on this concept :3

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It's not easy to be a super stealth ninja. Enemies can see me, but i can't see myself :P

Thanks to the gold, they work like sign posts helping me to find my way.

Innovative concept.
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I dunno, I thought this and a map i made where you go through a 5 tile entrance were pretty big finds, like a double/triple bb jump or going through upside down oneways.
so I guess by conept I meant the invisible-ness rather than the 'discovery'
Good map, though.

toasters: I got a totally different feel. Setting the color to gray is like getting the invisibility power-up in SSBM -- you're gone, but your influence on the ground and things around you isn't. This was a lot more "frightening."

I love it

how the turret shoots and you think, "Oh, I just died."

And then it refocuses and prepares to fire again and all you can think is, "Wow, I guess I'm not actually that bad..."

And then the thwump smashes your smug face into the stage.
This coming from experience, of course; I don't actually know if anyone else did it that way...


I really like it!

It reminds me of playing as the Invisible Man in the Great Dungeon in the Sky. Wow!

Also, I laughed when so many people posted alternative ways to be invisible. And when flagmyidol said use a rocket. Use the Bazooka! Seems like he really likes them.
is basically the same thing, without as much hassle. that being said this is a pretty neat trick


It's easier in NReality to load the level from the 'watch replay' box (attach a random replay to the pastebin level), and then 'return to menu' and play the level.
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haha thanks for letting me know


I found this impossible until I realised that you'd written left of the map in the description instead of right of the map, as it should be ;)
Demo Data

I thought so too but I used gold and thwumps instead, thanks for playing though! :D

agd. if you were to do this with a rocket, it would be easier to not lose yourself, because the rocket would always point at you. this is oddly adrenalin-inducing, though.

ps: no clue if the agd will work, or even where you would view it. but it's there.
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ima play this map solo dolo yo



nreality isn't needed, this is not an nreality mod

Demo on nreality to prove this is possible