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Author 1211
Tags author:1211 ctr ctrdda dda kra kradda rated
Created 2011-03-14
Last Modified 2011-03-14
by 40 people.
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Description This is the reason why my mapping has slowed down. Amazing close calls in this DDA.

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I love your ctrddas

This one is amazing. I love how relaxed it is while still having the urgency of a rocket.

This map makes me feel that the rocket is not so much chasing the ninja but more like teh rocket and ninja are great friends running around on a weird fantastic landscape. Also for some reason this made me think of calvin and hobbes.

Also, Wonderful tiles. I cant imagine how hard it is to make something like this and also make it look like something real. Truly amazing. ∞/5

pst.. 3 rocket ctrdda coming anytime soon? Seriously I will RCE 10 more of your maps in exchange for a ded on a 3 rocket ctrdda that is at least 100 frames long. :)

Again, amazing.

I don't know how the rocket doesn't kill him. Well done once again, 1211.
Only half of it is. This is a ctrkradda. half.

Oh yeah

I saw this...awesome stuff man. awesome stuff. lvoed the chasing of the rocket

lol maxson.

i for one am also not hoping for a resurgence of the door eerie genre.


Oh, and also:

Be glad the DDA genre hasn't stagnated as fast as the Door Eerie genre...

I miss those mazes...

Close Calls!?!

What are you talking about!? It looks like the ninja hacked the system so that the rocket CAN'T touch him! Frame by frame, there are parts where the rocket goes THROUGH him! Not to mention the mapping for the rocket slipways! That was AMAZINGLY well done! 5/5


no, but I'm hoping for more code editing capabilities, like nreality type RoF and tracking, stuff like that.

even if that won't happen :P
just not in the DDA genre. Even if new concepts are few and far between, we can still improve upon and refine existing concepts. And I don't really know what you expect from v1.5 if/when it comes out; it's not exactly going to be another nReality.
with this game anymore until v1.5 comes out. It's like pokemon - it's not worth upgrading because there's not enough significant changes.

v1.5 had better be worth it or the maps will be even more boring.

this was well done, but lacked flair.

awesome effort, i'm just being pessimistic :P
this game's been around, what, eight years? There's only so much you can do without letting the player, you know, move.


basically what atob said
But I have a feeling you'll be making better ones
I'd say the third quarter was really boring, and the other three were good. Overall well-made.


way to good 5aved oh and i made it 26 ratings 5/5


I'm happy! Thanks everyone!

Just another

generic shape dda with all the old tricks.

Well made but ultimately dull.

Awesome :o 5/5

riiight, i am speechless, there are no words for this awesome-ness ...

I knew you were good, but this is just another level.

Very good. With some polishing (as described by roman) could hve been a map worthy of a 5.

High 4.

You are the best...

I wouldn´t like it when this map is all the time on the top of the page but

I can see the effort but short ctr bits are easy, try to keep the ctr bits lasting for a while. some of the close calls were amazing, and they were frequent. overall an amazing kradda but didnt really work as a ctr.
still a 5. kudos.

quite a good DDA

There are plenty of close calls all around, but I would have liked the rocket chasing sections to have been longer. To that requires you to stop using c-snap, and move onto z-snapping the trapdoors into place. Many places here you used two or three doors to get fast propulsion, where just one door would have sufficed if you had moved the trigger 2 pixels closer to the door. Nevertheless, that is something you can try out in your next DDA. I'm surprised you managed to do this with just c-snap alone.
The other thing to work on is how the tiles look. Where the rocket goes through the tiles, you either have a straight line of all the same type of tile, or it's 4 tiles. 4 tiles are easy, and the loop at the end looks like a cop-out. And especially on the big line of 1 tiles near the middle, you could have easily substituted some of them for 7 tiles, which look a whole lot more impressive, because the gap available is so narrow, but it would have worked. Also the general look of all the tiles is a bit messy too, it seems unnecessarily jagged and random.
So there's a lot to improve on, and I expect your next DDA will be fantastic.
everytime the rocket did get away from the ninja a bit, it went through about 10 tiles or doors to get back. Utterly amazing to watch.


I was very impressed with the CTR parts. 3.5 up.
Demo Data



Way cool. And props on having exactly 10000000000 (binary) frames. 5/5
And throughout the map! Well done.

Oh My God...

Hitboxes o.o

5/5 for the amazing effort, altough I found it a bit boring, But I do respect your efforts, great job :P


There was some great close calls. I didn't find any boring parts. Could have been more thwumps, but still a easy five.

woops, forgot to say the uneventful parts are boring and it looks kinda ugly lol, but nice dda :]

awesome dda, sooo close sometimes!!