7-3 Fourth

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Author koipen
Tags 7-3 action author:koipen featured fourth puzzle rated
Created 2011-03-19
Last Modified 2011-03-19
by 7 people.
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Description A puzzlish map heavily inspired by a very good map made by mahi recently. Fast agd may be tricky. Rate and comment!

This map was featured on 2016-04-04

I'm sorry. I was hired because I have a way with words which allures and entertains you. My job is to share high-quality maps and talk about the gameplay mechanics, aesthetic designs and interesting concepts. Here we are, me rendered speechless, you feeling disinterested. As it stands, this barely makes the cut, lengthwise. But today's 4-4, and I felt obligated to feature this. I like this, and I hope you do as well. — Aidiera

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Very nice!

fun map

drone timing made for some flowing gameplay.
Not typically a fan of single-tile mines, but your use here didn't trouble me too much.
I love a classic mini puzzle
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Accidental door glitching makes this much easier than it should be.


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Demo Data
massing damn shortcut which I had completely missed.

But I got it. Still a fucking awesome map. Really my only issue is the top left mines, just because they're horribly annoying.
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not fuck up the rest of the run.

I played this for about five hours and it was glorious. Thank you for making it.
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Solid map

Significantly faster AGD:
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Marginally faster AGD.
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that gold behind the door was tricky! nice map!
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nice map, the seeker tricked me quite a few times :3
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