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Author stonedeagle
Tags action author:stonedeagle easy rcepoints unrated
Created 2011-03-23
Last Modified 2011-03-23
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Map Data

Description I wanna give some RCE's
So I'ma make this map have points
Here is a HS time: 87.50
Here is the number for frames for SR: 145
My personal Best for HS is: 87.550
My personal Best for SR is: 139
The demo's for those will be posted in the next couple days
Both of those are hard to beat.
If you beat one, you get 1 point
If you beat both, you get 3 points
If you beat one of my personal bests you get an extra point.
The most you can get off of this is 5 points if you beat both of my personal bests.
For each point you get, I'll give you an RCE. If you want them to be a particular map, post them with your demo, if not, I'll take it upon myself to find one of your maps and RCE it.
Good Luck, Those times are not too easy to beat.

I think I'm going to do this on my maps alot now depending on what the turnout is. This is just a small map to test it on. Most after will be much larger scale.
PS: If you want to find all my maps like this search the tag: rcepoints. If you make one with this set up, feel free to use that tag. But everyone, as of right now this is the only map in that section, hopefully there will soon be more. Thank You. :)
Those RCE's are valid until I quit NUMA. A long ways away. (though I do drift in and out sometimes, when I am back, I can always RCE :) )

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I know its faster

And feel free to use it,
But if there is no post here, I will not notice.
This is why I ask for the demo here. I would like to give out the RCE's due to the folks who earned them, by the way. You got 2. I actually played through a lot of your maps the other day, so The E part had been done plenty :)


It's 100% faster to use nreality to upload records.
By the way, I got you.
Demo Data

Here is my HS demo

Demo Data

Demos as promised

Here is my SR demo.
Demo Data