The Killing Hand

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Author koipen
Tags author:koipen hand killing nart the tileset unrated
Created 2011-04-09
Last Modified 2011-04-09
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Map Data

Description A less coll version of a very cool tileset I made and the forgot to save. Still quite cool, not simple at all.

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I still have to make eight maps plus some guest maps/collabs. Anyways, thanks for the map. The mappack should be done in a week, I think.
It should be situated in style like this tileset - kind of shattered and spacey. If no, then just say. :P


If a tileset looks cool, it's cool.
But if it also provides a flowy gameplay possibility, i call it flawless.
It's hindered enough. :p


Should I be? D:

It is actually more like a wave.