Astromech Training

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Author euphoria
Tags author:euphoria fun glitch puzzle unrated
Created 2011-04-12
Last Modified 2011-04-12
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Description A map demonstrating some concepts for one I'm currently working on. Made quick and dirty, think of this as the training mission :)

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Yeah, use THUMBS

the thumbnails don't display since 28th of July or something around that. Only very simple maps have thumbnails.


Here []
the thumbnails have been broken. Everything is explained in this godly map by sidke.


Any particular reason the thumbnail of the level refuses to display?


always maintain backward down, but until the right time, because otherwise, mine!
I like where you have placed the mines, and I like the timing, enter, leave.
I am still playing.

First door you should just hold down left as soon as you enter the tube, and once you exit :)


I meant this as a proof-of-concept map but I think it's better than the original I have in the works..
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my life time is down ...

the first trapdoors propulsion kills me sometimes ...
I try a good demo ...

Thanks :) Good to have finally made something I can feel proud of! It's taken me a long time to actually think of anything haha

Near completion

Shows how to do it, and how not to do the last thwump
Main things to pick up on are when to slide down the main tube. The third exit being the trickiest, you must TAP left to hug the wall JUST as you pass the second door
Demo Data
nearly two years without seeing anything of yours.