hallucination fog

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Author schaaaf
Tags author:schaaaf medium puzzlish racish unrated
Created 2011-04-15
Last Modified 2011-04-15
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description i actually wanted to edit the map yesterday...because it was cheatable and i didnt like the tiles blabla...but everytime i tried to submit there was just a white screen...then i tried to submit the edited edition as a nu map but there was also just a white thers the "enhanced" version of hallucination mist which is now called hallucination fog because fog is kindof more fitting here to my mind...anyway..have fun xD

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the fbf on mist's demo


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Demo Data


The Lima Bean series. Luuuuv it.


I have a brilliant idea. Collab??? We could dl like 3 or 4 LIMA BEAN maps. :DDDDDDD


Go live in the fog. You're too good for me. *shields eyes

i know

im too good for this world xD


You are awesome. :DD


its fixed now ^^
but fuck it. You let me go straight, I will go straight.
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