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Author mystro23
Tags 23 author:mystro23 fractal mystical mystro rated
Created 2011-04-30
Last Modified 2011-05-02
by 13 people.
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Description A teaser from my upcoming mappack.


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I'm wondering if the fact that you edited after the deadline disqualifies you. toasters not being present, I'll just make an executive decision and give you the benefit of the doubt.


And you're using the userbar. :D
I could have made like a sig.. they're bigger.

my b - here's a reflection thing


I should've mentioned...this is a 00-2 map...meant to be short and easy and fun.


It was a bit too... easy.
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different route. quite improvable because i am /shit/ at chimneying.
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[Insert insightful comment/feedback here]
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this occurs,

impressive. 5
but it certainly plays well. 3


467 frames
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Sub-600 AGD

598 frames
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ehhhh i actually didn't like this. its far too open, and yet you find yourself traipsing around the center for a large proportion of the map. the tiles are kind of novice and boring, especially those random floating 5 tiles. the gausses were pretty much no threat, as were the mines. i don't like having to use the left and right walls to get some of the gold either, seems kind of amateur. also the gold right above where you start is all mucked up (look at the left curve). also i think the ending was a bit too abrupt, but it doesn't really detract from the map.
i liked your other, adventure-y fractals better. make more maps like that!
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great fun map 4aved
I thuĂ­nk this will be in the Top 5


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Quite liked the flow though. 3/5
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I love how simple this is 4


Ooh otay. :3


Sorry I'm so annoying.


I like this. It's good for highscoring and feels like it would fit snugly into an episode. The enemies are well used, and thwump is saved from being consigned to the role of a gimmick. I think some of the gold placement is a little awkward, but otherwise this is a solid map.
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Fabulous. I can't wait for the pack ^^

Cool map

liked the thwump ride up at the end

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