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Author piece_of_milk
Tags author:piece_of_milk milk n-art nart objects sorta-playable unrated
Created 2011-07-05
Last Modified 2011-07-05
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Description WHATS UP GUYS!!!! I'm back, and heres an n art made entirely out of objects! Featuring: ME! I've been gon for so long i just wanted to do something special... for myself. Anyway, this map took me about 45 minutes to make. I'm sure there's a ton of new users that have joined while i've been gone, so i'd really like to know what you think of tgis, just look at my other maps first. After all, you can't make a general comment without data.

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Oh yeah, yungerkid,

I remember that. I'm GLaD to see all the good map makers are still on here.



oh my god

i remember your fish stick map

welcome back