Loopular Disjunction

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Author Guiseppi
Tags author:guiseppi bitesized playable race rated
Created 2005-12-14
by 28 people.
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Description Well, I have a few important things to say about this map. I'm pretty sure that this is the first race map quite like this, and personally, I think it's very fun. It took me hours of playtesting and changing to get it to flow just right. This is a pretty tough race map in my opinion, because to keep the flow consistent, you must time your jumps just right, and make sure you don't overshoot it. The flow won't work if you don't get the jumps right. If you do get them right, however, the flow is flawless, so please don't rate this down because you think the flow is bad.
The basic path of this map involves three big loops. The first two are clockwise, and the third is counterclockwise. I've tried to make it slightly cheatproof, but it is still cheatable, which I don't really care about because the level isn't as fun if you cheat. Although this race is of course meant to be played a certain way, if you want to, you can also make your own paths (not to complete the level, but for fun.) I would love to see some demos of what you come up with.
A major hint is at the very end of the race, when you are falling, you have to slow your fall by landing on the 3 tile from which you made your first jump. If you do this level right, the flow shouldn't be hard to find, but just in case, I will submit a demo shortly. I REALLY hope you enjoy this map! Please leave comments, suggestions, ratings, and demos, and have a great time!

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because they wouldn't understand that...


that's the beauty of it. Only the true ninja will go the full route for all of the gold.

I pondered that...

but then it would be possible to win without even doint the first two loops.

In the next version

don't use doors. Just make it open. And maybe make there be like an alternate route or something.

Thanks guys

this seems really popular. I might eventually make a sequel to this baby. Eventually being the key word. Anyways, I love the demos, keep 'em coming.


bad demo
Demo Data


it's so fun, and at no point did i get confused over which way the flow went. the jumps are great, it all makes sense, the flow is perfect. 5/5 +fav


forgot to post my failed domo
Demo Data

My failed demo

and BTW 5/5

To ultima:

lol, that's hilarious, and thanks.

To stickfight: yeah, I know it's cheatable, I mentioned that in my description, but it's much less fun if you cheat.

One way to cheat

Don't watch past the second loop
Demo Data

The comments

on this page will soon be aired on a new T.V show called When Guiseppi goes nuts when somebody snipes his levels, but, in the meantime play this amazingly good 5/5 level.

Thanks, 6911etc...

I completely agree with you. That guy was just a n00b I guess, but thanks, and I'm very glad you enjoyed it!
How could anyone not get the flow? All there is is three loops! I could see the flow just looking at the thumbnail. Anyways, this map was great!
no doubt about that. Even I had trouble with it before I played it over and over and over again. Lol.

Ack >.<

Maps awesome. I just can't complete because I can't control my jumps. 4.5/5


whoever rated this a 5! I love you, anonymous person! lol.

I'm sorry nurdbass

You have the right to rate the map whatever you want. I guess I was just so excited about actually having a playable map as the #1 map on NUMA. And here's a new demo by the way.
Demo Data


If you were having trouble finding the flow, you should have watched my demo, or at least read my description. You gave a #1 map a rating that, from how far down it dropped the map, couldn't have been more than a 2.5 just because you couldn't figure out which way to go...


That doesn't mean you should rate it down! You couldn't get the flow, I'm sorry, but it's there. What did you give this map? You brought it down from #1 to like #15 with one vote! Sorry. Got a bit carried away there, but still...


this was to easy so but i couldnt get the flow
Demo Data


#1 map.


furious u are right,
tktktk was the creator of the map hehe

Thanks, furious

And after I finished the level, I did notice that parts of it reminded me of shrapnel, but no, this level wasn't inspired by or copied from it.


Great map, though hard to complete

As for that similar map; I don't think it was Formica who made it, but rather tktktk. It's called Shrapnel

Unless you're thinking of a different map
I came up with this idea by myself. Whether or not someone else came up with a similar idea before I did is a different story.


is so dificult!i cant complete it,
(well i have tried only two times...)
but is a cool map, and the badly thing is that this type
of race just exist, i dont remember very well, but i think that formica has created this type of racing map yet.
away from that good job.
i'll give u a 3.5/5 for coping the map of formica.
(i dont know if you have played the formica's map)
but anyway, this is all that i have and i want to say.
Just proof that this level, when done correctly, does indeed have flawless flow. I found this really fun, and I hope you do to. Good luck, and enjoy!
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