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Author ChrisE
Tags author:chrise dragon unrated
Created 2011-07-11
Last Modified 2011-07-11
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Description NUMACON

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big fan of the tileset+mines, so much so that I think it would go together with meta_ing's dragon slayer =) Except I think bottom left section tiles are a bit confusing


Sorry If I annoy you but how far is the fourth part of Mentalitation? :>
And yes, please read b_t's survival manifesto.
blue_tetris's survival manifesto.

Let's go hide out

on the dragon's head.
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It's nice in concept but dodging a single rocket is something I can keep doing for a very, very long time. And there are plenty of places in this map where only one rocket can reach you.
I've been playing a long time, and whenever I like, and I'm understanding more and more. Correcting some details (like pony's hideout) is perfect.
What I like is that I find several areas to survive in the gameplay that are similar, yet different.
I find four or more different. As principal and broadly. They are:
. the platform where you start (without leaving there, jumping course)
. the platform below the rocket in right (without leaving there, jumping course, can help the two protrusions on each side)
. bounce on the right (playing with him, moving, jumping on it, fun)
. and of course as you want by moving the entire playable area (this is the most difficult)

My favorites are: the initial platform and bounce right. Working on a good demo.
I hope you understand and appreciate what I say, and thanks for giving us this. <3

you guys are no fun.

also right here, brah.
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and edited.

Thanks Destiny. :3


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just kidding, GREAT SURVIVAL-CAVE MAP!!!

no NUMAcon maps please, the next installment of Mentalitation only!



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